Monday, 21 September 2009

Monday, 24 August 2009

Punting,Produce and petite fingers

What a manic week, i think the children will be going back to school for a rest, i can honestly say we have had a fantastic summer so far, last week we visited my sister in the beautiful city of cambridge, and we chose a lovely week the weather was glorious and we took a trip on one of the punts which was a really relaxing way to spend 45minutes of our day.My greenhouse has had many goodies to offer us this year including beautiful baby plum tomatoes, mini cucumbers,chillis,peppers and aubergines i recommend to anyone without green fingers to give it a go because i can assure you i dont have them, it really is so straightforward i urge you to have a go!
My girls have been asking for weeks to help get them started embroidering, i was so very impressed with their enthusiasm and my 6 year old can sew stitches which make mine look amateur and my 3 yr old was having a whale of a time.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Teacher gifts

So my eldest daughter has just completed her second year at school and has had the same teacher two years running, last year she made her teacher a painting on a canvas, but this year i thought something a little more subtle and useful was called for, so having found my inspiration from this lady at lost button studio, although i have to say i struggled somewhat with the flatness of my bookmarks i feel i should maybe have put them under the car tyre and flattened them, well thats what my husband suggested anyway!

Anyway i have decided to not send these as a gift for the teacher but to keep them for myself as they are maybe a little too rustic for a gift and need to be perfected a little first.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Sweet Peas

So its been over a year since ive posted....... how bad is that, there must be a psycological link between here and my creativeness as i havent sewn a sausage since then! I have a list of things that i want to sew but just where to start?
I will try to keep my blog updated now in the hope that it may inspire me to be fruitful in my stitchery.
These beautiful sweet peas are one of my successes of the summer so far.