Monday, 24 August 2009

Punting,Produce and petite fingers

What a manic week, i think the children will be going back to school for a rest, i can honestly say we have had a fantastic summer so far, last week we visited my sister in the beautiful city of cambridge, and we chose a lovely week the weather was glorious and we took a trip on one of the punts which was a really relaxing way to spend 45minutes of our day.My greenhouse has had many goodies to offer us this year including beautiful baby plum tomatoes, mini cucumbers,chillis,peppers and aubergines i recommend to anyone without green fingers to give it a go because i can assure you i dont have them, it really is so straightforward i urge you to have a go!
My girls have been asking for weeks to help get them started embroidering, i was so very impressed with their enthusiasm and my 6 year old can sew stitches which make mine look amateur and my 3 yr old was having a whale of a time.

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